FIFTY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS » 8. Rachel Berenson, Animorphs

"Okay, fine, Rachel. You want to do this, fine. I think you’re the bravest member of the group. I think in a bad fight I’d rather have you with me than anyone else. But yeah, Rachel, I think there’s something pretty dark down inside you. I think you’re the only one of us who would be disappointed if all this ended tomorrow. Cassie hates all this, Marco has personal reasons for being in this war, Ax just wants to go home and fight Yeerks with his own people, Tobias… who knows what Tobias wants anymore? But you, Rachel, you love it. It’s what makes you so dangerous to the Yeerks.”

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shirts i think carlos the scientist would wear

all from look human


Pun pun punnnnn
(I need these in my life)

All available HERE!

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birds are so ridiculous how do they even all exist???




crazy ass




tiny motherfuckin


i dont even


things that dont make any sense


dragon faced


jesus christ is that a duck


some kind of prehistoric nonsense


holy shit where is your beak even birds, BIRDS

birds are so cool omg

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A handy guide for anyone not familiar

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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for mark, a whole bunch of sleepy tiny kitties

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ringbearing Asked: ALL THE HOBBITS. P.S. you have good taste in ask memes ;)

Frodo: What is your deepest wound, and do you still hurt from it?

Being told and then telling myself that I’m a terrible performer three days before a major performance. I really crashed and burned then. Recently I listened to a recording and it in’t as bad as I remember it to be, but still…

I’m trying to get over my stage fright and inferiority complex haha.

Bilbo: When did taking a chance improve your life?

I took a chance and jumped to new violin and piano teachers. My piano teacher is a godsend and she really helped me to improve in a very short period of time, and I’ll forever be grateful to her. As for my violin teacher, I’m really lucky to be able to train under him and i don’t think I treasure that enough.

Samwise: Have you ever done something for a friend that you would never have done on your own?

Probably yes, but no specific event comes to mind.

Merry: Who would you swear loyalty to, or to whom have you already done so?

This is pretty obvious - clvcles is always my top choice (: <3

Pippin: Tell me about when you did something that no one thought you could do.

I… wish I could, but I can’t think of anything either.

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An Insanely Detailed Ask Meme Brought to You by Tolkien's Characters
Frodo: What is your deepest wound, and do you still hurt from it?
Bilbo: When did taking a chance improve your life?
Samwise: Have you ever done something for a friend that you would never have done on your own?
Merry: Who would you swear loyalty to, or to whom have you already done so?
Pippin: Tell me about when you did something that no one thought you could do.
Aragorn: What is your heritage? Do you embrace or reject it?
Boromir: Did your father leave an impact on your life?
Gimli: Have you ever had an opinion about someone that turned out to be completely wrong?
Legolas: What has been your most unlikely friendship, and did it last?
Gandalf: Has your public appearance and ever changed radically?
Elrond: Do you have overprotective relatives, or do you fill that role?
Arwen: Did you ever make a decision your family didn't agree with?
Elladan: Have you ever failed to help someone you cared about?
Elrohir: Do you have siblings?
Galadriel: Would you consider yourself wise?
Celeborn: Are you content with being the less-popular one in a relationship?
Celebrían: Have you ever done something that took a turn for the worse that you weren't prepared for?
Haldir: Has your popularity ever changed unexpectedly because of something minor?
Éomer: What are the things you consider to be worth fighting the system for?
Éowyn: Have you ever overcome prejudice in a significant way?
Théoden: When have you been wrong but refused to see it?
Gríma Wormtongue: Do you sometimes make bad choices for selfish reasons?
Saruman: Do you want power?
Sauron: What is your greatest weakness?
Melkor: Has greed or the desire for material goods ever backfired on you?
Ungoliant: Are you proud of your children or younger relatives?
Shelob: Are you afraid of the dark?
Finwë: Do you come from a prestigious family line?
Fëanor: Does desire tend to blind you to the consequences of your actions?
Nerdanel: Have you ever ended a relationship because your partner was doing something you didn't agree with and you couldn't stop them?
Maedhros: What is the greatest thing you have ever lost?
Maglor: Do you believe in redemption?
Celegorm: Have you ever had a pet that impacted your life greatly?
Caranthir: Do you have a temper, and has it ever gotten you into trouble?
Curufin: What have you inherited from your family lineage?
Amrod: Do you have a friend or sibling that you have a special bond with?
Amras: Has your family ever done something that ended up hurting you?
Beren: Will you do anything for love?
Lúthien: Do societal norms exist to be broken?
Thingol: If you believe in luck, do you think you've had good or bad?
Melian: Have you ever had a significant other that was of a lower social class than you?
Eöl: Did you ever have a goth phase?
Aredhel: Is listening to other people something that is important to you?
Glorfindel: Have you ever taken on a challenge others have deemed impossible and won?
Thror: Do you value wealth?
Thráin: Do you consider yourself a selfish person?
Thorin: What have you lost that you wish to regain?
Balin: Are you older or younger than most of your friends?
Dwalin: Do you have any hobbies?
Fili: Do you have a good smile?
Kili: Have you ever suddenly been considered attractive where before you were just sort of there?
Dori: Are you a musician?
Nori: Is it common for you to notice things others have forgotten or missed?
Ori: Do you write or speak multiple languages fluently?
Óin: Would you consider yourself a superstitious person?
Glóin: Are you skilled at something most would consider unusual or esoteric nowadays?
Bifur: What is your most interesting injury, and how did it happen?
Bofur: Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?
Bombur: What is your relationship with food?
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the perfect pour: a citizen’s guide

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"Ram the blade ship"

The most traumatic moment of my entire childhood (via zanetehaiden)

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men in bars: wow I sure hope this girl doesn't reject me
women in bars: wow I sure hope that guy looking at me isn't a literal murderer
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I was telling miramei about the PJO Big Bang, and she thought I was talking about the k-pop group. So naturally I threw this AU at betsib and then this happened and it’s gonna be amazing guys wow fantastic baby

based off of this picture of Big Bang

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Did you know that after they switched to blind auditions, major symphony orchestras hired women between 30% to 55% more? Before bringing in “blind auditions” with a screen to conceal the the candidate, women in the top 5 major orchestras made up less than 5% of the musicians performing.

so I believe it was actually more complicated than that, in interesting ways. Because at first, when they did blind auditions, they were STILL hiring more men.

…Then they put down a carpet, so that high heels didn’t clack on the floor,  and BOOM women were suddenly getting hired.

The testers didn’t even know that’s what they were picking up on, which just goes to show how tiny of a cue it takes for misogyny to kick in.

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